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Bonk Inu is the future of meme coins! a P2E NFT dApp, Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol.

Play our game, earn NFTs & swap your coins cross-chain & on our Bonk Swap!

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After one year, with $1000 worth of $BONK invested

You could end up with $501,000 worth of $BONK invested

What is Bonk Inu?

Bonk Inu is a Binance Smart Chain token brought up by the combination of memes, crypto, and a variety of developments to bring you laughs, fun & money to the moon. We look to incorporate Auto-Compounding & Auto-Staking features to bring you a new future of utility with a bright community.
We envision a future of varied utility through the power of fun interactive dApps for investors with combined utility & gaming needs. Bringing you the dApp NFT rewarding daily Whack-a-Bonk! game, Bonk! Swap, Bonkverse, our Dashboard, an NFT marketplace and more!

3D Bonks NFT

The Whack-a-Bonk! Game is an P2E (Play To Earn) NFT-dApp that allows holders with a minimum of 0.1BNB of $BONK for a chance to win their very own NFT 3D Bonk, every 24 hours!

Our NFTs are a combination of two different sets: the Character Set & Item Set. The NFT Item Set is an individual NFT of the bonk melee! These have an extremely rare spawn rate, If you’re lucky enough to get one, who knows what you’ll receive…


2% Bonk Auto-Liquidity Mechanism (BALM)

On each buy or sell there is a fee for 2% tax that gets automatically burned, assuring the DEV nor Team have access to these funds, this is all utilised through our protocol’s smart contract. The mechanism automatically converts 50% of the amount of $BONK stored within the wallet into BNB at the current market price.
The remaining 50% of $BONK will be further utilised for the $BONK liquidity, therefore providing an equal float of BONK/BNB, strengthening the Bonk Inu liquidity pool.

2% Bonk Safeguard Fund (BSF)

2% of all trading fees are stored in the Bonk Safeguard Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards created by the positive rebase.
This allows for taxes to accrue within the BSF wallet & rebase every 15 minutes for $BONK holders, as well as mitigating risk through utilization of downside-mitigation procedures.

4% The Treasury

The Treasury is of vital importance to the Bonk Auto-Staking Protocol (BASM), it’s primary function is to provide the sustainability and growth of Bonk Inu.
The Treasury utilizes a 5% fee & may also be used to further fund Bonk Inu products, services and projects as well as serving further funding for marketing avenues, ultimately establishing more value to the Bonk Inu community.

2% Bonk Buyback System

The Bonk Buyback System (BBS) is where 2% of all $BONK fees collected from trading are sent.
The BBS is responsible for mitigating downside risk within Bonk. By utilizing 2% of all transaction fees $BONK can gradually buyback the lows & allow for a sustainable price.

Bonkmap 2022


✅Building Phase: P2E dApp Game Development.
✅Building Phase: dApp Dashboard Development.
✅Building Phase: NFT Concept Development.
✅Building Phase: Smart Contract Development.
✅Brand and Socials Launch (Discord, Twitter, Telegram).
✅Website Launch.
✅Pre-Launch Marketing.
✅Bonkpaper (Docs).
Contract Audit.
✅dApp Dashboard Main Release + GameFi branding establishment.
✅Establishment Phase: YouTuber Collaborations.
✅Establishment Phase: Influencer Collaborations.
✅Establishment Phase: Press Release for Wide-Scale Marketing.
Presale on Pinksale .
Whack-a-Bonk! P2E NFT dApp Release.
5,000 $BONK Holders.


CoinMarketCap Listing.
CoinGecko Listing.
Certik Audit.
Building Phase: Bonk Runner Concept & Basic Development.
Building Phase: Bonkverse VR and AR Technology Development for interactivity & branding awareness.
Building Phase: Bonk Runner Skins (Super Bonks) & Customizable NFTs Development, BTS releases for holders.
Establishment Phase: Twitter & YouTube Marketing Campaign, further Collaborators.
Establishment Phase: Bonk Runner Game Alpha Test Phase.
Establishment Phase: Press Release Marketing on relevant releases and more.
CEX Listing.
$10,000,000 Market Cap Achieved.


$15,000,000 Market Cap Achieved.
5,000 $BONK Holders.
Building Phase: Bonk Runner Game Alpha Phase (PUBLIC).
Establishment Phase: Super Bonks NFT Release (Skins).
Establishment Phase: YouTube and Twitter Marketing Campaign.
Building Phase: Multiplayer Hub & PVP P2E dApp Development.
Building Phase: New Bonk Maps for all Games Development.
Building Phase: Bonk PVP & NFT inclusivity Development.
Establishment Phase: Real-World Marketing Expansion with Public Displays.


Building Phase: NFT Marketplace.
Establishment Phase: Bonkverse Expansion.
15,000 $BONK Holders.
Establishment Phase: Bonk Games new Maps Expansion Release.
Establishment Phase: Bonk Inu Merchandising.
Establishment Phase: Bonk Multiplayer & PVP + NFT Release.
Establishment Phase: NFT Marketplace.
Establishment Phase: NFT Marketplace Marketing & Press Release.
$20,000,000 Market Cap Achieved.

The Bonkverse

What is Bonkverse?

The Bonkverse is Bonk Inu’s Project Collective.
It is our home designed to bridge cryptocurrency, gaming, memes & technology into one space. It’s home to our future Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality development branches, Bonk Arcade with a multitude of P2E & interactive games. As well as future Multiplayer & Hub elements, Bonkverse is for everyone to enjoy!


Bonk Inu is an auto-staking and auto-compounding meme-coin focused on delivering innovative DeFi that establishes benefits, scaling value for $BONK token holders, and providing a fixed source of passive income.

Bonk Inu also looks to provide a place of GameFi for holders at a minimum cost whilst also introducing amazing & quality design, experience, gameplay & more. Additionally, with our Play To Earn elements as well as passive staking, Bonk Inu is looking to revolutionize what it means to be a memecoin and establish a strong, passionate community focused on a bright future within the GameFi space.

The Bonk! Game is an exclusive P2E dApp that requires holders to have a purchase a minimum of 0.1BNB $BONK at any given time. Players will be able to play anytime of the day, regardless, for free, however only users with active $BONK purchases & holdings at the time will be able to win an NFT!

The game follows the whack-a-mole theme, with future iterations looking at introducing more map designs our Whack-a-Bonk! Game will continue to evolve alongside our NFTs!

When playing Whack-a-Bonk!, every 24 hours connected wallets will be given the opportunity to mint one of our Multi-Design NFTs – The 3D Bonks. If you get lucky, you might just win an ITEM! 

3D Bonks are the first collection introduced into the Bonkverse, winnable through our Play to Earn dApp, Whack-a-Bonk! Our collection utilizes two NFT design sets; the Base Character & Item Set.

To win a 3D Bonk you must purchase at least 0.1BNB of $BONK! Our NFTs are winnable only ONCE every 24 Hours by reaching the minimum score rate within the 30 seconds playtime. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to play our P2E dApp Game whenever you want, but only win once a day.

The 3D Bonks main, primary Avatar is the Character Bonks split up into FIVE TRAITS spanning from the Fur, Melee, Backpack, Helmet & Background. In comparison our RARE Item NFT has two primary traits.

When you play our Whack-a-Bonk! Game you’re given the opportunity to win an NFT every 24 hours, if you manage to hit the minimum score & win you’ll be allowed to mint, for free, one of the 3D Bonks. During this process there’ll be a small, random chance you’ll be able to win an 3D Item Bonk NFT! These are rare item drops, so keep ahold of them for our future market place! they may just be utilized later…

When purchasing $BONK, set the slippage at a minimum of 12%. When selling $BONK, set the slippage at a minimum of 12%. In times of high volatility and volume when purchasing and selling of $BONK is high, it is advisable to set the trade slippage higher.

Bonk Inu Will KYC with Pinksale as well as look at acquiring RugDoc KYC.

A rebase is a function in which the circulating supply is adjusted (increases or decreases in size) in order to control its price. Bonk Inu increases the $BONK supply of each holder in accordance with their due interest. Staking rewards of are accrued by $BONK token holders every 15 minutes when a rebase occurs. Our Bonk Inu staking dashboard is available for holders who wish to track the next rebase that occurs.

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